New Adventure: Underwater Flight

by Lane Wallace on September 18, 2015

Although I’ve had more than my share of physical adventure in my life, most of my posts and discussions on this blog have to do with bigger life adventure, and the questions, issues, and decisions that influence our professional and personal paths. When the opportunity presents itself, however, I still have a passion for physical adventure. There’s an energy and purity about a physical experience that clears the head for a bit … and reminds me, again, of all the lessons physical adventure is so good at teaching, and which apply so well to all other life adventures.

So when the CEO of a submarine company contacted me a couple of months ago and asked if I’d like to try my hand at piloting one of the company’s personal submarines–machines he believed “flew” very much like an aircraft underwater–it took me about a nanosecond to sign on. (For anyone just tuning in, I’ve been an pilot for almost 30 years, which is why the CEO thought I’d be a good person to write about the experience.)


I actually wrote two articles about the experience–one for Elite Traveler magazine (July/August issue), and one for Sporty’s (who published my book Unforgettable a few years back). Rather than recount the whole story again here, I invite you to read the story directly on Sporty’s website.

All I can say is, it was surreal and amazing–some combination of Jules Verne, James Bond, and Dr. Doolittle’s giant sea snail. The ocean is a truly amazing–and unexplored–place, especially 1,000 meters beneath the sea. As the CEO put it, “we know more about the far side of the moon than we do about the deep ocean.” So it was a pretty amazing experience to be able to explore even a little piece of that depth, with leather-seat comfort and an almost unlimited viewing field. Worth reading!

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1 Jeff Boyd 09.19.15 at 9:39 pm

I read the article in the Sporty site.
Amazing stuff for sure. Money may not buy you happiness, but it sure buys you neat stuff.
I miss Lane’s writing in the aviation magazines.
She can make most anything, sound like a grand adventure, that you want to be a part of.

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