About Links and Affiliates

For anyone who’s not that familiar with the integrated community known as the Internet business world (as I wasn’t, as recently as a year ago), web sites that link to other web sites are often included in that company’s “affiliate program.” 

What does that mean? It means that if, for example, you go directly to Amazon’s site through a link in one of our book reviews in our Resources section, Amazon gives us a small commission for the sale. (We try not to spend the entire 32 cents in one place.) Not every company does that, but many commercial companies on the web do. So if you buy something from them through an “affiliate” link on our web site, we get a small commission. It doesn’t affect the cost of any product, however. And … as I hope goes without saying, we have a high bar for ideas and content on this site. We didn’t go to this much effort, and produce this much good content, to start recommending resources we don’t know or believe in. That’s why each post has a byline, and why our initials are at the end of every book recommendation in our Resources section, so you know who’s recommending it. 

And, as always, if you have feedback, questions, or complaints, let me know.

Lane Wallace